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Furniture and Lighting Design

Whether answering to a brief or submitting freely new proposals, we use our design personality to come up with new ideas that fit your brand's identity and expectations.


We self-produce collectible pieces for galleries and events as limited edition or unique piece.


We also sell our designs to brands and manufacturers for a production under their name


Do you want a custom designed piece?

Get in touch to discuss your needs and clarify the brief..


We undertake large custom production and manufacturing for hospitality projects. Contact us with your details.

Artistic Direction and Visuals

We suggest ideas and directions to share your products in the most impactful way possible. 


We elaborate a strategic story to show your brand and your products through artistic imagery. We develop the overall look or style of a publication, an advertising campaign, or a catalogue, based on the positioning and values of your brand. 

Lectures and talks

Through lectures and talks, we share our work and creative process via engaging presentations.

We communicate our interpretation and pedagogical insights on design-related topics to students.

Interventions can be done in english or french.

Selected Brands, EnoStudio, Bolia, Mint Gallery, 

Selected Collaborations:

StellarWorks, Iconico, KamcéKam

Selected Interventions:

Marangoni Institute London, 

Domus Academy Milan.

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